What can the G20 do to promote a sustainable bioeconomy and stable food systems?

7–8:30 pm | Global Solutions Initiative: Global Table

The required move from a fossil fuel-based economy to a bioeconomy, characterized by a sustainable use of renewable resources, entails a number of trade-offs that need to be addressed. Policy-makers need to understand the trade-offs in order to make the right decisions. This panel discusses the important trade-off between agricultural production for food and bio fuels, and biodiversity protection. It reflects on the international externalities of national biodiversity strategies and the role of the G20.



Julia Klöckner, German Minister of Food and Agriculture


Panel with:

Alexander Bonde, DBU, Germany
Franziska Schünemann, Kiel Institute for the World Economy
Maximo Torero, Food and Agriculture Organization
Robert Vos, IFPRI, Netherlands
Conny Czymoch, Journalist (Moderator)


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