DBU-Symposium 2014

25.10.2014 in Kassel

Energy transition – many unresolved political and technical issues

For the fifth time, committed environmental award winners, who come together in the so-called Council of Award Winners, organized a scientific symposium on the day before the award ceremony. This year’s event in Kassel was entitled: “Energy transition – many unresolved political and technical issues”. The participants were welcomed by Prof. Dr. Garabed Antranikian, environmental prize winner of the year 2004. The opening statement was made by DBU Secretary General Dr. Heinrich Bottermann. The entire event, including the panel discussion, was moderated by Prof. Dr. Franz Daschner, winner of the 2000 Environmental Award.

Below is the invitation as well as the presentations for download, videos and photos from the event:


Videos & Pictures

on Youtube: Council of Environmental Awardees Symposium 2014 – Full Event

at flickr: The image gallery of the event